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There will be an after.
But it will be a very different after.

I’m typing these lines in my living room, with a child painting next to me. They are painting a sun with a broad grin. We look outside, and it’s true. A bright blue sky. The sun seems to be laughing to itself, with not a single aircraft or vapour trail to spoil its view.

A week ago we were still sitting in the office, shaking hands, meeting for lunch, thinking about our hairstyle and making holiday plans. Today these memories seem to come from a different time altogether. In a certain way they do.

The world is reordering itself.

We are facing an evolutionary turning point. A point because it is happening suddenly. With no prior warning. Nobody had time to prepare. No country, no government, no business. Nobody had an edge.

The good but strange thing is that somehow it’s working out. Everyone is sticking to the rules incredibly clearly and calmly. Everyone is staying at home, working in a home office, face timing grandma and grandad, communicating digitally with teachers. You get the feeling that the smoking ban provoked much greater resistance than these much more drastic changes.

Everything will change.

Sooner or later, the virus will be under control.
A vaccine will be developed. Or enough of us will have got ill and got better again. Next year, our bodies will react to Corona like a normal flu virus for our bodies.
Children will go back to school.
We will shake hands again. Maybe.
We will meet our friends and value seeing them more than we ever did before.
We will understand how a home office works and we’ll work differently.
We won’t think the people of the world are so different from each other.
We won’t get caught up in junk content so often and will be more critical about questioning populism. We will have learned to differentiate fake news from real news.
We will be more supporting of businesses from our local area and our own country.
We’ll think more locally.

There are some events that divide history into a before and after.

This pandemic is one of them. Before has gone. We now have the chance to decide how we move forwards afterwards.

We can only speak for ourselves, but we’ve already started to do that.


In recent years we’ve devoted a lot of effort to digital networking of our agency offices and detaching jobs from fixed physical locations. We introduced the conferencing tool ZOOM at the beginning of the year. Our timing couldn’t have been better. As a result, we have been contactable and capable of working pretty much as normal. Just with a bit more of an insight into our private living rooms.

Listen to Leena released the song “Bloom” last year. The lyrics and vibe are hitting just the right note for us at the moment.