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FRTG #2 - Design Thinking Bullshit

Imagine Ed Sheeran performing once more in your living room. Just for you and your friends. The second FRTG is a similar type of thing. Only again without Ed Sheeran. Experience probably the smallest design conference – in the cosy Fredmansky living room in Linz.

Frtg Gerund 0518

The FRTG in detail

Who are the speakers? Thomas Bogner, Senior Product Designer at Microsoft and Ex-Wunderlist (Seattle/Berlin) and Alexander Gerund, Partner Product Design & Strategy at okay bueno (Berlin). And, of course, everyone who talks before, during and after.

Who’ll be listening? Managers, product heads, start-ups, product owners, product managers, product designers, developers, designers, creative minds, students and all newbies who feel this is for them. From Linz and surrounding areas.

When? On a Friday afternoon when normal people are thinking about going home. The whole thing starts on 15 June at 5pm, ending much later and in a bar, judging by experience.

How do I get in? Register for free now and then just show up. But don't delay, we only have 30 places.

Anything else? The talks are in English and the beer is in the fridge.

Frtg Bogner 0518

The talks in detail

18.00 "DON’T MOVE! 🔫" (EN) A talk by Thomas Bogner, Senior Product Designer at Microsoft

Before selling out and joining one of the biggest corporations on earth, Thomas was part of a small team with a vision: Helping people to get stuff done by building productivity software that doesn’t suck. The mission is still the same but the scale and responsibilities changed.

Software should feel as responsive and human as the people interacting with it. It’s 2018 and It’s easier then ever to make things move - prototyping tools and animation frameworks have gone a long way. Designers finally added animation to their day-to-day workflow but without being aware about the tenets and traps of adding this dimension to a product, the damage can be bigger than it first seems. It’s time for an intervention.

Talking about his own short-comings, the resulting insights and best-in-class industry examples will help you elevate your next projects using state-of-the-art animations.

20.00 Product Pitfalls — Don’t go the extra mile (EN) A talk by Alexander Gerund, Partner Product Design & Strategy at okay bueno For nearly a decade Alex has conceptualized, build, and managed digital products — ranging from desktop software to mobile apps and online services. He’s currently running a digital product studio based in Berlin, Germany.

In his own version of “Old man yells at cloud”, Alex offers you a no BS approach to building digital products by questioning common knowledge, ignoring best practices, challenging industry trends, and avoiding hypes and vanity work when creating digital products that focus on what actually matters. In his talk Alex will share shortcuts that will help you avoid pitfalls and navigate quicker towards your goals.

Register now for one of the 30 tickets. Off we go.