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What bullshit – that was FRTG #2

Design Thinking was then. Design Thinking Bashing is next. At FRTG take two, Tom Bogner and Alex Gerund vowed to divulge everything we should and shouldn't give a crap about. Our living room was full again. As was the fridge. We had chilled cool stickers with a cold beer stuck to the rear.

1806 Frtg2 Tom Bogner Dont Move
Tom Bogner: Being able to animate doesn't mean having to animate everything.

Talk #1: Calming Tom Bogner

Tom Bogner once snatched Willy Bogner's Instagram nick and was also often faster to realise what the next big thing would be. An iWatch mock-up brought him a job at Wunderlist the evening he received his university degree. Tom's Calming Cat went viral. He only came up with the idea for the simple cat animation to steady people's pulse rates if they had to wait a couple of seconds when logging into the Quote FM app.

Tom finds that the demand for product videos has risen with so many shitty start-up products now doing the rounds. But he also makes it clear that such videos have nothing to do with good design. The digital world is an extended reality. It should feel as natural as possible with no flashing and blaring like at a funfair.

What's more, Tom reckons wireframes are bullshit. He makes devs weep straight away when he instantly has a reliable idea of where everything will eventually go.

1806 Frtg2 Alex Gerund Talk Staubsauger
Don't try this at home. Alexander Gerund about vacuum cleaners.

Talk #2: Rebel Alex Gerund

Alexander Gerund made it quite clear in his talk what he really finds shitty: Processes. Especially the innovative ones. He also doesn't think much of bullshit bingo, stakeholes, market research, arrogance and technology over solution.

What he finds important on the other hand is viewing creativity as a multi-player game. Those who work as a team to develop a vision that everyone fights for equally have already as good as won. If the team is then 80 percent satisfied with its work, discard it. The remaining 20 percent wouldn't help a lot anyway. At this stage of a project, you simply lose time and therefore enthusiasm, says Alex as he explains the 80/20 rule.

The Okay Bueno mastermind claims to only do what interests him. With people who think the same way. Which is why he doesn't need motivation and doesn't have to motivate anyone else either. Seems a little implausible. Anyone who listens to Alex for an hour will believe him though.

1806 Frtg2 Gabelbissen Angebissen

Design Eating Bullshit

Fish and meat were served on an emulsion of oil beaten with free-range eggs, garnished with crunchy field vegetables. Accompanied by crispy, star-shaped white pastry. For dessert freshly baked coconut biscuits on hazelnut waffle with chocolate cream. Washed down with freshly pressed orange juice.

Fredmansky summer beer

Dude! Doper shit! Fredmansky has fab new sticky things again. Because it's summer and a cool sticker is not refreshing enough on its own, there's a beer stuck on the back. We've put a beer product on almost every photo in this report to mark the launch. How many Fredmansky summer beers are there? Write and tell us the correct answer and win a cool Capri Sun.