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Fredmansky receives silver and bronze at Green Panther

Fredmansky celebrates 20 years of efficiency. And what do our Gleisdorf team do? They create proof of concept and, following two nominations, came away with two prizes at Green Panther, the Styrian state prize for creative communication. Now if that’s not efficient...

Green Panther in silver

Fredmansky developed a lively mailing list for the Lackner Tinnacher vineyard. In it, a vine symbolically stands for the good relationship cultivated with customers. When that vine bears fruit, it can be exchanged for wine at the vineyard. The idea was rewarded with a Green Panther, winning a silver. 

Fredmansky und Tinnacher gewinnen Green Panther in Silber

Green Panther in bronze

Dirty business for some; the freshest job on the planet for the two owners. Titan do up motorcycles in professional style. Fredmansky fine-tuned the start-up’s corporate design. The results were awarded a Green Panther in bronze. 

Titan Motorcycles Logodesign

How do we put things so nicely at Fredmansky? If you like something, don’t analyse it, dance to it. After the presentation of the 2017 Green Panther prizes, it was clear that the Gleisdorf Fredmanskys did that, together with the Titans Tom Possod and Michael Siebenhofer, and photographer Klemens König. 

Fredmansky gewinnt Green Panther in Silber und Bronze