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On the road with the crew in Croatia. In short, a top trip!

When your boss tells you to please show up at the office early at four in the morning, you think: what the hell’s his problem? Easy-peasy... traffic jams and one messy afternoon. If you set off earlier, you get there earlier. Set off? Traffic jam? Where’s this to exactly? The trip was to Croatia. Premantura, to be precise.


Day 1 — 4am at the agency

The day was still young, practically unborn. But the Fredmanskys were already up for the trip, standing in the kitchen and tapping their feet excitedly. In a hurry, water, cola, rum and vodka (not to forget the beer!) were fetched from the fridge and everything else tempting lying around was loaded up into the cars. After a short negotiation on who wanted to/had to/could sit where (after all, we had four cars), it was time to go – Premantura here we come! A roughly eight-hour drive lay ahead of us, with the odd break also expected to come our way. 

Fredmansky Premantura 003
Coffee: Coffee: where’s my coffee??!!!!?!!!!
Fredmansky Premantura 002
Masterplan: Master plan: who’s going in which car? Everyone found somewhere, in any case.

Where’s Manfred? Oh, he’s driven somewhere else for some breakfast... he’s probably missed the exit...

Enough about the stories from the road and onto the stories at the location.

Fredmansky Premantura 004
Rain: Rain: though even that can’t dampen a good mood.

Unfortunately, the day of arrival was not especially nice when it came to the weather. Croatia welcomed us with torrents of water – from below and above – but, being the good-humoured lot we are, we didn’t let it discourage us. Goes without saying! So first up was the task of checking into the mobile homes (buzzwords everywhere!!!), before briefly raising our glasses for a toast to our excursion. All under control, of course, with a healthy amount consumed  

Fredmansky Premantura 005
Mobile Homes: Mobile homes: you could get used to these.
Fredmansky Premantura 006
Sea: Sea: 30 metres separated this from our mobile homes.

The hard nuts among us (so not too many) also took a detour into the cold water. If you’re already there, you might as well go for a quick swim too. The rest of the day consisted of eating and getting merry over card games. But it didn’t drag on. We were all quite wiped by that point. Mr Concat and co. laid down the best beats you can possibly imagine at MH95 (not to be confused with MH370, infamously not a mobile home). Then it was sleep time. Perhaps the sun only wanted to come out the next day.

Day 2 — Saaaaaaafffaaaarriiii Baaaaarrrr

Beautiful weather – fact! When I sidled out onto the terrace and looked at my friendly neighbours from MH97 and MH93, I was horrified. It seemed ALL of them had already run a lap that morning. Sporty, sporty, these Fredmansky men and women! After the mob had eaten breakfast – which was a bit of a wild mix on Day 2 – the plan was to go on to the notorious Safari Bar. How would that pan out? Let’s see! Into the cars and off we went through the national park towards the sea. Between the car park and the sea grew a small jungle, with people sitting all around... the Safari Bar! All of a sudden, unnoticed, I was in the thick of it and easily excited. The place definitely had flair! But on to the sea now, where the others had already drawn a few sunrays. 

Fredmansky Premantura 018

It was then the Fredmansky group photo’s turn as project of the hour. There were brief talks among the photographers in attendance to arrange how the whole thing should proceed. “So we’ll stand here, they can sit there, then we’ll take a photo.” Perfectly planned and even better in its execution. You really do notice when experts are at work. 

Fredmansky Premantura 019
Fredmansky Premantura 020

Cliffs – now was there something to mention there? Hold up, our first thoughts were about eating and we hid away for two hours in the Safari Bar’s undergrowth to fill ourselves with burgers and sardines. A cold beverage later, strength regained, we headed to the cliffs (and to think no-one has mentioned this yet...) Soon after, forming two lines, we counted out who’d b̶e̶ ̶f̶r̶e̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ have to be viewers and cliff divers. Then it was everyone to their stations. Our three daredevils jumped from top to bottom with somewhat soft legs before climbing back from bottom to top, all to bask in the others’ praise. Nutcases!!

In the evening, we also took some time to look at the town centre, though that may be an overstatement. But they didn’t do things by halves and there was a small local festival in front of the church in the centre, with loud music and people out dancing. 

Day 3… But we’ve already done this :)

It’s true, you can relive the good times, so our Day 3 was similar to the second day. We lay around by the sea again, ate and drank in the Safari Bar, jumped off cliffs and captured one or two of these things on camera. The wise old heads then changed the plan for Day 4 somewhat. We abruptly decided that we’d set off homewards on the evening of Day 3. On the journey there, a huge traffic jam had formed on the other side of the motorway and the weather forecast for Sunday was for rain again. So, at around 7pm, we started back to Linz. A night-time stop at McDonald’s was the last group experience on our small trip. Then the cars and our paths diverged.

A few more random photos to wrap things up

Fredmansky Premantura 045
Fredmansky Premantura 046
Fredmansky Premantura 047
Fredmansky Premantura 048
Fredmansky Premantura 049
Fredmansky Premantura 050
Fredmansky Premantura 051
Fredmansky Premantura 052
Fredmansky Premantura 053
Fredmansky Premantura 054
Fredmansky Premantura 055

It was awesome! And our thirtieth isn’t too far off...