Hauptstraße 58, 4040 Linz
+43 50 353-300
Marktplatz 1, 4120 Neufelden
+43 50 353-300
Franz Bloder Gasse 4, 8200 Gleisdorf
+43 50 353-300
Linzer Gasse 3, 5020 Salzburg
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Graphic designer (m/f)

We’re looking for someone for our office in Linz who fancies designing buzzing brand experiences with us. What you’ve to bring to the table for your début (aside from cake) is described below. We look forward to receiving your application. Get straight in touch, as we’ll be needing you right away.

That's you:

  • Design isn't just a buzzword for you.
  • You have an intimate relationship with aesthetics.
  • You have an interest in paper, colors, typography and production methods.
  • You use your knowledge and expierience in daily projects and like to share it with your colleagues.
  • Besides graphic design, you're interested in photography and animation.
  • You're happy to be part of a team composed of designers, copywriters, consultants and developers.
  • When out for a beer with friends, you talk about "the latest shit in design".

That's us:

  • We like to move a lot, it won't be boring being with us!
  • We are a motivated team.
  • Maybe not new for you: We are enthusiastic about what we do.
  • We fight for our ideas on a daily basis.
  • We welcome you as soon as you step into our door.
  • Plenty of fresh fruit and chocolate, coffee and beer (Neufeldner, Freistädter and Hofstettner brews, to be precise) will be available.
  • ❤️

Sound exciting? Then get in touch. We look forward to receiving your application. Since we have to put forward a minimum salary, this is set at EUR 2,000.00 per month (gross). Needless to say, we’re prepared to pay more depending on your qualifications, skills and experience. Work can start immediately; 40h per week.