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Avoris property development meets Fredmansky brand development

Who are Avoris? When specialists from different fields pull together, good new things often come about. Things like Avoris. A brand for property development which creates urban living space with values, created by an architect, a project manager, a communication specialist and a financing specialist.

What was it all about?

From the outset, the team had everything that a new company needs. Experience, a business plan and a bunch of good ideas. Only something crucial was missing: their appearance.

How did we manage it?

First things first, we gave the cute newborn a name. Next, we formed the architecture of the communication with a clear design. Every other development, such as the website, project folders and newsletter marketing, was built based on this architecture.

Our services

Logo design,
Corporate design,
Graphic design,
Magazine concept & design,
Brand workshop,
Conceptual web design,
Web design,
Video & motion design

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Avoris Immobilienentwicklung

Project team

Project length

4 months

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