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Caesar advertising prize

Improving on what’s good.
Filtering out what’s dull.

The Upper Austrian Caesar advertising prize is presented by the Upper Austria Advertising and Marketing Communication professional organisation. Fans have always seen it as the most important indicator of creative communication achievements in the Upper Austrian advertising industry. Along with Zunder, we set about expanding what was becoming an increasingly exclusive fan base.

What was it all about?

We committed ourselves to bringing the prize right up to date. A modern image, a revised event concept, more attractive submission methods - everything needed to be reconsidered to give the Caesar a shiny new look and increase its reach. The aim in reinventing the prize was to target SMEs and young creatives, both fast-growing interest groups among WKO members, and to motivate them to submit entries.

How did we manage it?

How much change is essential? How much can actually be changed? And what does change actually mean if not being brave? In a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions with Zunder, we put in place the key elements for a distinctive regeneration of the advertising prize. We wanted to be honest, tangible and to make the prize more attractive, not just with a new superficial appearance but with real changes to the content. The entire event, from invitations to the award show, needs to focus on what the whole thing is actually about: the members of the professional organisation and their work. The wording was totally revamped, not just tinkered with. The new design hits you in the eyes. Maybe being brave sometimes hurts a little - but we did warn people about that, at least we think we did.

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Fachgruppe OÖ Werbung und Marktkommunikation WKO Oberösterreich

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2 Jahre


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We tried to improve the things that are good about the event, filter out what is clearly dull and to simply leave anything that couldn’t be changed as it is.

Kerstin Steiner, Konzeption
Caeser Website
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From the gala to the award show.

Some things were obvious, others were hotly debated. The first submission would be free of charge for all members of the professional organisation and, in a break from tradition, gold, silver and bronze Caesar awards would now be presented. In addition, the “Rookie of the Year” category was introduced to establish the prize among future WKO members. The “Caesar Gala” also had to change - more exciting, no half-time show, fewer speeches by sponsors and interest group representatives, leaving more room for the prize winners and their work, more conversation and more of a party at the end. We also wanted to re-introduce the Caesar book, containing collected submissions and winners, to round off the overall concept.

Fred Csr 2001 2560X1751 Veranstaltung

So what happened next?

The measures we jointly put in place not only succeeded in the aim of increasing the reach, they actually brought a new submission record with over 20 % more submissions. The distinctive rejuvenation of the prize was very well received and celebrated by the young community. The event was hugely popular and the after-party was a fitting continuation.

A book full of awards.

What do we recall about the evening? We only have a fragmentary recollection... what happens at the Caesar stays at the Caesar or something like that. But all the entrants and marketing departments in the Upper Austrian industry can look forward to seeing the collected works of the state's leading creatives in the form of a book, which was subsequently distributed. This provides the Caesar with a lasting presentation platform for all the works submitted and the people who created them.

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