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Recruiting made easy.

The job of the human resources manager is to find the best candidate for a vacancy. That's not always easy. But thanks to eRecruiter it's quite simple. The digital recruitment manager maps the entire recruiting process in one system. What we did was enhance the brand profile and apply it to the strategy, design, communications and product.

What was it all about?

eRecruiter had changed: a new setup, a new team, a new office, and a new employer brand. The previous brand image remained strong in people’s minds thanks to its colourfulness and unmistakeable illustrative style. The subjects were complex in content. There was nothing wrong with that. But now the company was heading in a new direction. Its positioning, branding, technology and actions all needed to be aligned in the same direction. That's where we came in.

How did we manage it?

We developed the brand further in a joint workshop - and also scrutinised the business plan at the same time. We matched up the visions of the management and sales and marketing functions, along with our own assessment, and then defined an approach: simplicity as the basic premise for the product, design and brand. Because clarity and easy handling in daily use are what recruiters expect most from a recruiting tool.

Our services

Logo design,
Corporate design,
Graphic design,
Brand workshop,
Conceptual web design,
Web design,
Frontend Development,
Craft CMS,
Strategie- und Positionierung,

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8 months



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From brand identity to the digital product.

Working with the eRecruiter team, we developed a brand identity and a communications concept, based on workshops and the corporate strategy, that influences all customer, employee and partner touchpoints: whether in relation to the digital product, on the website, in the office, through attentive gestures, or quite simply when interacting with the company’s universe.

Introducing - eRecruiter. Or quite simply: eR.

eRecruiter brings order to a complex process. So simplicity is built-in to the product DNA. Now simplicity is at the core of the brand identity too.

In addition to the logo, there is now a short form that works better and more simply as a digital message transmitter. eR is also the hero of the headline concept, clearly highlighting the arguments in favour of eRecruiter.

Erec Brand System 1
Erec Brand System 2
Erec Brand System 3
Erec Brand System 4
Erec Brand System 5
Erec Brand System 6

Just straight out.

eR knows what it wants to say. The headline concept is modular, but one thing is always the same: the texts get to the point quickly, the messages are unambiguous.

Erec Phone Mockup 1908 L3 Blau
Erec Header 1907 L3 Rot
Ref Erecruiter Bubbles

The outcome of the joint process with Fredmansky is not just a strategy paper, but a toolbox with which we now work on a daily basis.

Bianca Hinterdorfer, Marketing Manager, eRecruiter
Erec Referenz 1905 Rz2 Gds
Erec Referenz 1905 Rz Muesli
Erec Referenz 1905 Rz Mannerwaffel3
Erec Referenz 1905 Rz Notizbuch
Erec Referenz 1905 Rz Kaffee
Erec Referenz 1905 Rz Karten

Everything kept simple. Even the CMS.

Implementing the website with Craft CMS seemed almost logical to us for eRecruiter. Why? Because we believe no other CMS makes it so easy for users to manage content. And that in turn feeds into the brand DNA: simplicity.

Erec Web
Erec Web 2

The software for easy recruitment management.

Everybody knows that making something simple is often the biggest challenge. The digital product was developed further based on the strict maxim of making the day-to-day work of recruiters more simple, intuitive and pleasant than any other. eRecruiter handled the implementation in-house, with concept inputs from us.

Erec Product 1

It always looks simple in the end.

In the initial phase of the project we focused intensively on the brand. We immersed ourselves deeply in the brand through interviews with the team, partners and customers, as well as a brand workshop.

There’s an old joke: “Dear pal, sorry about my long letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one.” It's paradoxical, but true: the more time you invest in preparation, the better the outcome will be.

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