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Thinking with your feet

What was it all about?

Granite and water are the basic elements of the Oberes Mühlviertel region in northern Austria. There are plenty of places offering ideal opportunities for strenuous yet contemplative walks. In view of that, a number of local authorities in the region, coming together under the umbrella name “Mühlviertler Granitland”, launched a joint project titled “Granitpilgern”

How did we manage it?

Undertaking a pilgrimage means setting out on a journey in order to return as someone different. It is a journey without attractions, without comforts, and with no other means of transport than one's own legs. Where there are no distractions, thoughts can be teased out of the deepest recesses. There can be no better place for us to escape the hurly-burly of everyday life for a while than amidst the placid, ascetic granite terrain of the Mühlviertel. That positioning is underpinned by texts of few syllables, with a stringently minimalist tone.

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Verein Mühlviertler Granitland

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Ref Granit Text Schatz 2560X1600

Granite pilgrimage
Needing nothing.
Thinking with your feet.
Talking. Or maybe not.
Or alone.
Thoughts are teased out of the deepest recesses.
Slow down.
Walking speed.
Three days.
Or four.
10 local authorities.

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Ref Granit Stempelpass Seiten 02 2560X1600
Ref Granit Stempelpass Seiten 03 2560X1600
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Ref Granit Strassenplakat Schritttempo 2560X1600

Granite pilgrimage. A journey through the Mühlviertel. A journey to find yourself.

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