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Fundraising campaign with a sense of fun

What helps when everything has gone wrong? What can turn a bad day around? The correct answer: humour. We at Fredmansky would say beer helps too, but let’s leave that one aside. Just how far should humour be able to go? Why do comedians make light of politics and current events, but not people with disabilities? Where does funny end?

What was it all about?

We do the thing that not even comedians dare to. We make jokes about disabled and elderly people. Granted, we took a few steps out of our comfort zone with this campaign. Quite deliberately. Adverts need to cause a twinge in order to be heard. That was particularly important to us when working with Diakoniewerk, a provider of social care and health services belonging to Austrian protestant charity umbrella organisation Diakonie Österreich. Diakoniewerk’s work is largely funded by donations, after all. Money that is increasingly failing to materialise among the younger generation. The majority of donors are over 65 years of age, according to Diakonie. The large-scale campaign on social media, in cinemas, in regional print media and on public transport info screens seeks more than anything to encourage young people to give. And, as an added extra, to bring about a shift in attitudes. The key word? Inclusion. The only question is who includes whom here. Theater Malaria’s Iris Hanousek-Mader says of her theatre group: “they like to make jokes about their own disability, which means they also enjoy being in their own skin. That is a message which we can take from them.” 

Staging the campaign required a great deal of courage, humour and spontaneity. That was shown in abundance by our customer and the performers, along with our numerous partners who supported us with implementation.

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Diakoniewerk Gallneukirchen

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It helps to laugh. Plus to give.

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