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Lackner Tinnacher

Gaudeamus igitur

It’s rude to ask about age. Unless we’re talking about wine. One family of winemakers has been lovingly tending its vineyards in Southern Styria since 1770. The second youngest member of the family is now in charge. She is a young, bubbly counterpoint to the vineyard’s ancient traditions. And internationally successful.

What was it all about?

The Lackner Tinnacher family have been making wine for almost a quarter of a millennium. And they make it exceptionally well. Katharina Lackner Tinnacher has not merely continued the legacy, the vintner is creating a whole new legacy. The young woman has taken the traditional family company to new and unprecedented heights. Without cutting off the vineyard’s roots. When we came on the scene, there was already a corporate design from the pen of Alessandri. The aim was to find a story that brought the development of the brand to full ripeness.

How did we manage it?

We took the vineyard’s long history as our narrative. The headlines, some of them in Latin, all refer to it. Promotional materials such as direct mailings emphasise traditional values like loyalty and friendship. Detailed illustrations, which we produced in conjunction with Thomas Paster, also impressively recount the authentic story.

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Direct Marketing,
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