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Click your way to your pool.

Loop’s stainless steel pools are easy-peasy to design, install, and get swim-ready. We were happy to dive into brand development for the swimming pool makers.

What was it all about?

Like every business, theirs began with an idea: everyone should be able to have a pool that is simple and affordable. But we’re not talking about a better version of the paddling pool from the supermarket; Loop’s is a high-end variant made of stainless steel. The ingenious twist? The customer designs their own pool with a few clicks on an online configurator. The pools are prefabricated with a modular design, and later on, pros put them together in a flash. Without a construction site around for weeks or a big to-do. A first in the world of stainless steel pools. 

How did we manage it?

We started out with the customer in a brand workshop, with plenty of discussions about engineering, high-grade materials and the modular design. Between the lines, the real brand promise bubbled up to the surface: Loop shortens the route to get from design and set-up to pool fun. So Loop’s brand does not boil down to an egghead scheme or an airy-fairy concept. It simply spreads fun. Just like everything Loop does. 

Our services

Logo design,
Corporate design,
Conceptual web design,
Web design

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Loop Pool

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3 months

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