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neubau eyewear

for creative minds

Glasses from neubau eyewear are not just a fashion statement. They are also an expression of inner attitude on the tip of the nose. Just as impressive is the webshop we designed together with other digital touchpoints. Hand-in-hand with new branding elements, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.

What was it all about?

It's not the Instabitches and Hypebeasts who wear glasses from neubau eyewear. Rather committed individualists with a certain maturity of personality. neubau eyewear should therefore also address its target group at all digital touchpoints in a grown-up way as equals.

How did we manage it?

We have combined the trio of shop, website and blog in technical harmony. We have sharpened the brand and moved the new findings to the website and shop. Moreover, we have created a design focus that works from an analogue and digital perspective alike.

Our services

Corporate design,
Graphic design,
Brand workshop,
Conceptual web design,
Web design,
Frontend Development,
Craft CMS,

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neubau eyewear

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5 months


neubau eyewear

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Brands are individual. With characteristics, traits and a distinct attitude. As with people, these values mature over time. Together with neubau eyewear, we have enhanced the slightly contoured, feminine character to an intellectual, individualistic and authentic personality.

Ref Silh Branding 2560X1593

Leonardo da Vinci has made the Fibonacci series known, but it was invented by nature. The infinite number sequences can be found in places such as the spirals of leaf-like organs in plants. We have picked up on this detail and made it a design element. The green lines in the spacing of the Fibobonacci sequence seem at first glance to be randomly placed in the picture – in reality they follow a natural system.

Ref Silh Fibonacci Grid 2560X1440

Our newly defined Corporate Identity as well as its digital extension is a blessing. Fredmansky fully understood what we needed and handled the entire project perfectly.

Daniel Liktor, Global Brand Director, neubau eyewear
Ref Silh Offline 3 2560X1440
Neubau Cd Caesar 03
Neubau Cd Caesar 08

We developed the design in digital first, that is to say systematically, and then rolled out the rulebook to all applications. The proportions of the font sizes build on one another like in the Fibonacci sequence. The spacings apply in both digital and analogue use.

Ref Silh Typography 2560X1440
Ref Silh Website 3 2560X1440

Instagram stories and blogs are the shop window of our time. We see in them what we want to have. But how do we get to the product? What is the model called? What is the actual brand? The painstaking search begins. We have uniquely interwoven storytelling and online shopping for neubau eyewear. User-generated content is linked directly with the product presented in the shop. Anyone who views a story is only a click away from ordering.

Ref Silh Website Flow 1 2560X1440
Ref Silh Website Flow 2 2560X1440
Ref Silh Website Flow 3 2560X1440

Fredmansky is an atypical digital agency, always considering both: online and offline.

Nina Kaltenböck, Marketing Manager, neubau eyewear
Ref Silh Website Craft 1 2560X1440
Ref Silh Website Craft 2 2560X1440

A lot of interfaces, one backend. In addition to the usual connections such as the newsletter, many more were added due to the shop. The clou: to dock them all into one system with a little help from Vue.js.

Ref Silh Mood Macbook 2560X1600
Ref Silh Mood Iphone 2560X1600

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