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Swietelsky builds on ideas

...and on Fredmansky’s design expertise. We’re now responsible for the graphical editing work on the international construction company’s business reports – for the fifth time since the 2013/2014 annual financial report.

What was it all about?

In the competitive bid, we were able to convince Swietelsky with a well thought-out concept for the design of the comprehensive statistical material and an appealing image world. Publication of the financial reports in German and English requires tight time management and is a breathless task for the graphics and project support teams.

Since then, having started from the design of the business reports, we have been developing the Austrian building contractor’s whole image, from a gentle tweak to their logo through to their online presence at

Our services

Corporate design,
Graphic design,
Magazine concept & design,
Conceptual web design,
Web design,
Video & motion design



Project team

Project length

3 months

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