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A digital talent

If you want to get people onside, you first need to win their trust. And a strong brand is a good start. Talentor is a well-known executive search network used to fill internationally sensitive posts at professional and management level. The website, which allows 170 partners to appear under one brand identity, comes from us.

What was it all about?

Talentor helps to fill professional and management ranks with people who have both the expertise and charisma for these jobs. Not only in its home nation of Austria, but in 20 countries worldwide. In the spite of all the cultural differences, branding experts Hämmerle / Luger succeeded in spreading the Talentor brand identity all over the world. Our job was to upload the brand experience to the digital world without losing any of its essence in the process. Specifically, it’d be a website combining the profiles of the partners – currently numbering 170 – under the same roof. The aim is for the partners to create the content freely and maintain it with ease.

How did we manage it?

How do you manage to present so many partners in a truly cohesive way? By making it devilishly simple for them. When choosing a content management system, we turned our back on the big boys and flirted with the smart rival. Craft CMS saves up to 70% in data entry time as compared with large alternatives. Magic? The magic happens in the system’s clever anatomy. Several hundred pages of content with partly overlapping content are no longer maintained directly on the pages, but centrally via content pools. The pages virtually fill themselves. That’s magic, for sure. We don’t leave the user out of the equation: they benefit from a top-class experience, coupled with the best possible performance on mobile and desktop.

Our services

Conceptual web design,
Web design,
Frontend Development,
Craft CMS,
Performance optimisation,
Content & editing

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170 partners, 20 countries, 1 CMS

When thinking of many editors and simple content creation without programming knowledge, the mind immediately goes to WordPress. We thought further still and opted for Craft CMS. Why, you ask? Because we can use it to maintain content centrally, no matter which page the data later appears on.

Tal Ref Relations 4
Centrally maintained data sets can be integrated and linked to any page.

Craft is the easiest CMS we’ve ever used. After a short introduction we added and edited content in a way that had never been that easy before.

Andy Andrews — Talentor International
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So, what does that mean for Talentor?

The new Talentor website offers all partners the opportunity to fill out their respective profiles simply, individually, and in just one-third of the usual time it takes. In one click, Craft handles the biggest factor that eats up time – formatting images. Caching when building a content page is also eliminated. The different multilingual options within provides some finesse. Partner pages can optionally be displayed in the respective national language, with the rest remaining in English.

Tal Ref Baukasten 3
The editor at Talentor is flexible when it comes to selecting the required content elements.

How does the site feel for the user?

For the user, the search function forms the central point on the site. This means that it comes naturally to customers to find the perfect expert in their country and their industry so they can soon discover the best of the best. To make the search even easier, the customer is immediately given a suggestion for the suitable Talentor Partner based on location. Information about the most recently filled positions in all industries and countries is also provided to users at all times.

Tal Ref Search Part01
Tal Ref Search Part02 2

Digital brand experience

A brand will work if it remains true to its nature in any situation you come into contact with it. We don’t just say that offhand; it’s something we abide by. Brand experience is a holy grail.

We have made it possible to digitally experience the visual identity of Talentor – always with an eye on Hämmerle / Luger’s rebranding. The tagline and visual concept are presented in the form of a header animation. The blue frame is a corporate design element and is displayed responsively and correctly on all end devices.

Tal Ref Foto Laptop Ganze Breite3

Caution: doing things differently! Fredmansky has impressed us on every level. Especially with the transparent and appreciative communication. The way things should be, but rarely are.

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