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Trausner Sirup

No rocket science, just magic.

At first we wanted to call it “Supderduper Megafancy Hammer Sirup”. But then we decided on a more discreet name: Now it's Holy Magic Super Sirup. New from Trausner, and tastes best with a dash of self-irony.

What was it all about?

It feels as if new brands, fashionable drinks and flavours are being launched on the beverage market every hour. The concepts and stories being employed to gain the favour of the thirsty are blooming ever more imaginatively. And Trausners? They just make sirup. In seven standard varieties. By hand, at their own works.

How did we manage it?

It’s impossible to take the scrambling on the beverage market seriously any more. That's why we and the Trausners launched Holy Magic Super Sirup. Not entirely free of irony, but with no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. We echoed the unusual approach in the packaging and visuals. Holy shit!

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