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The battlers

They were the underdogs. A David that hit back against Goliath. When ZWEIKAMPF – the world’s first 3D-printed shin-pad – hit the market, the start-up’s brand experience was already kitted out like a global player.

What was it all about?

An Austrian start-up wanted to conquer the world along with the world’s first mass-produced, 3D-printed shin-pad. The high-end product’s target group was initially anyone who played association football. From amateurs to pro players. Our job was to develop a brand experience. The works, from naming to the crowd-funding campaign and the online shop.

How did we manage it?

Sport is a battle between different sides – a Zweikampf, as the Austrians would say. Getting going as a start-up is no different. With the name ZWEIKAMPF and a colour scheme acting as a call to battle, you might say we threw down the gauntlet. The target group liked it. ZWEIKAMPF was quickly able to build a community that carried on the enthusiasm. Their most famous fan and supporter: Christian Fuchs, the former captain of the Austrian national football team. 

Our services

Logo design,
Corporate design,
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6 months


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The ZWEIKAMPF message to all players: you concentrate on the game, we’ll concentrate on what gets you there. Your legs.

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“The product and brand development went hand in hand on this project. That was a major opportunity to create a consistent experience, which we naturally made the most of.”

Zweikampf Team
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The ZWEIKAMPF video presented the project on Kickstarter:

3D-printed products are ready for the Champions League. The world of ZWEIKAMPF proves it.

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